Purchasing Options:

Buy: Contact Me. For most of my work purchase price includes delivery anywhere in Southern California


Large Stone Sculptures: Delivery and Installation are not included in purchase price. I can help you with arrangements or you can use your own landscape architect. Contact me for more information.


Try out a work of art: You can live with an art work in your home for three months to see if you like it. Cost 10% of purchase price. Delivery extra. If you decide to keep the art work, the 10% goes to the purchase price. If you returned the piece, the 10% is not refunded. Contact me.


Rotating Art Gallery: If you would like to rotate a new art piece into your home every two to three months this program is for you. A lending library of Scherich art. Contact me for details.


Guarantee:  If you buy a piece of art work and decide you don’t like it within the first year, you can return the piece to me. 90% of the purchase price will be applied to a new purchase.

Contact Me.


Warren Scherich
Artist, author, adventurer