Warren Scherich
Artist, author, adventurer

​​Contact me: warren@warrenscherich.com

I am a pluralist; ideas determine the material I use.

As a stone sculptor, I carve distinctive landscape sculptures out of exotic as well as local California marbles, basalts and granites. I specialize in primitive tribal images reminiscent of Ancient Mesoamerican Olmec sculptures. Some of my larger sculptures weigh many tons and stand seven to eight feet tall. These sculptures are designed for gardens and other outdoor areas. Weather, rain, and wind add finishing touches. Because of the hardness of the stones I carve, these sculptures are extremely archival. The collector of my landscape stone sculptures participates in an artistic legacy that will last for tens of thousands to millions of years. I like to tell my clients that I’m having an art show in two thousand years and I’ll be sure to send them an invitation.

As a ceramic artist, I make high quality figurines that are similar to my large stone sculptures but for an indoor presentation.  I also make an interesting variety of sculptures and custom tiles.

As a studio artist, I work in a variety of materials and media. I make Impressionist landscapes, narrative and figurative paintings, accompanied with prints, preparatory and finished drawings, and illustrations. My plein air paintings are richly influenced by the great California Impressionists. My studio landscapes are highly stylized and abstract in nature.

On a side note, I am the creator of the Dogu Invasion. This is a conceptual art experiment that has evolved into an international installation with components on every continent (except Antarctica) and in all fifty states. There are Dogu invaders and colonists spread out or abandoned throughout the world from the bottom of the Grand Canyon in Arizona to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. The project consists of small high fired ceramic figurines (which will last for thousands of years) placed in parks, shops, deserts, restaurants, forests, abandoned buildings, etc. by hundreds of volunteers who follow the project on Facebooks.